EasyCampus – A Complete School Management System – is a highly automated one for Administration, Student Registration, Maintaining and Monitoring Students’ Performance,Fee Collection, Various Student’s Records, Accounting and Management Information System (MIS) with detailed reports. It is capable to meet the requirements of all types of Schools with its powerful and useful features. EasyCampus has got the facilities to take care of all requirements of a large / medium school and serves as a complete Management Information system (MIS). The design of EasyCampus is modular. The data from various modules flows in to Accounts module and all the final reports are produced at a touch of a button.





Admission Register Fee Collection Transport Management Class room module Accounts


EasyCampus Software keeps detailed information of various fees, fines, and category of students, employees and accounts. The program has an integrated Examination module wherein the complete result cards cum progress cards of the student can be prepared. Apart from preparing and printing the fee receipts and No-Due certificates for school leaving students, EasyCampus keeps the accounts up-to-date without any manual effort. Numerous reports are available for viewing and printing where user can keep an eye on the vital indicators about school management. A range of reports include Student Register, Various Academic Test Records, Current Students List, Student’s performance, Fees collection Register and other reports on accounts including Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Auditing of accounts is made very easy. The user can view from Ledger, Cash Book, and Trial Balance right up to the voucher or bill which has made the entry in the ledger by pressing a single key.

Being Window based, EasyCampus is in tune with the latest computer software technology and will be a long time companion to the school. This application program is designed for use on Windows 98, Windows XP and higher versions. This program has much improved functionality and power under Windows.

Multitasking (Carrying out Multiple tasks at a time; i.e., printing reports or invoices) is simultaneously possible while viewing other reports or making new invoices. The program uses visual basic reports / spreadsheets to display all the data on the screen at the same time for easy readability. It is so easy to read large reports and also to modify them. Also locating an item in the grids is very effortless with instant search feature which is
incorporated in almost all the grids. Billing and voucher entry is fast and efficient and posting is fully automated and accounts remains always up-to-date. All the reports can be prepared and printed with ease in a choice of fonts & colors. Apart from the normal high quality window printing, fast printing is also made available using fast printing fonts.

The complete flexibility is provided for auditing of the accounts. There are no shackles put forth in the editing of all or deleting of any transactions. Even the whole ledger can be reconstructed after correcting and deleting any errors made in the transactions / bills / vouchers. User Level Access is controlled by passwords and sensitive tasks can be performed only at the person-in-command level giving the whole system an added security.

EasyCampus is equipped with multiple document interface (MDI). Using this feature, user can simultaneously view any number of reports at a time. EasyCampus is 100 % compatible with mouse which makes the operation much faster, easier and efficient. All the commands can also be given through keyboard. The program is presented in pleasing and meaningful colors to make the job a pleasurable affaire.

EasyCampus is using latest cutting edge software technology for the total computerization of educational institutions and has networking capability to handle requirements of large schools. The program has modular design and under networking environment the reception / fee collection, Attendance, result preparation and administration / accounts have their own working area in the program which are linked with other users over the network.